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How can you help me with dental anxiety?

At Dental FX, we specialize in helping anxious patients feel at ease. And our experienced team and compassionate dentist provide a comfortable atmosphere—in addition to medications when needed—to help patients feel relaxed.

We offer warm towels, cozy blankets, and comfortable neck pillows in our exam rooms. You will also find a television where we encourage you to get lost in your favorite program while we see to your oral health.

For patients who need a little extra reassurance, we also offer nitrous oxide. Nitrous is a safe gas delivered through a nasal mask. It produces feelings of relaxation and comfort throughout your dental procedure. Nitrous oxide wears off immediately when we remove the nasal mask, which means you can drive yourself home from your dental appointment. This method is safe for children and adults.

Dr. Yu may also prescribe valium on the day of your procedure.

Additionally, we do not begin dental work until the area we’ll be working in is thoroughly numb. It is our goal to make your dental procedure as stress-free as possible, and we are always available to offer a smile or soothing word as well.

If you’re looking for comfortable dentistry in Pasadena, MD, we encourage you to contact a member of our dental team today.

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